Tolliver Law Firm has earned a reputation for success in the litigation arena. We represent plaintiffs and defendants in nearly all types of civil litigation in state and federal courts, mediations, arbitrations, and administrative agencies. While our attorneys have successfully represented numerous Fortune 500 companies in courts across the country, we have a wealth of experience working with clients of all sizes.

Our accomplishments are the result of blending creative strategies and resilient adaptivity. A case may be won inside or outside the courtroom. Our lawyers have a proven ability to efficiently generate positive results at any stage of a dispute, be it prior to suit, at the bargaining table, at trial, or on appeal.

From personal injury claims, to appeals, to family law, Tolliver Law can help you.  Click the drop downs to the right to learn more. More information about our expertise in commercial litigation can be found on our Business Law page.

We have notable experience representing plaintiffs and defendants, individuals and companies, in all types of tort cases, including claims for personal injury, wrongful death, property damage, subrogation, bad faith, and workers compensation. Our initial consultation on such claims is typically done at no charge, and we provide flexible fee arrangements tailored to each client.

Disputes frequently arise in connection with construction projects. We have substantial experience litigating all types of construction claims on private, commercial, and government projects. Given that our lawyers have backgrounds in construction, land development, and engineering, we have the industry knowledge necessary to provide counsel on any part of the construction process.

Our lawyers have successfully handled appeals in the United States Supreme Court, the Montana Supreme Court, and multiple Circuit Courts of Appeals. We handle appeals on virtually any type of civil case.

We provide a complete range of family law services, such as divorce/dissolution, child custody adjudication, and alimony/maintenance litigation. We have a particular amount of expertise with complex asset distributions. Tolliver Law Firm routinely handles high-dollar asset divisions, often involving professional practices or other businesses, or significant real estate holdings.